PLT Panel Specifications

Technical specifications for Woodspan PLT Panels:

  • Timber species: NZ grown Radiata pine
  • Panel size: Maximum 7200mm × 890mm
  • Panel depths: 90mm, 117mm, 140mm
  • Adhesive: Purbond clear polyurethane
  • Appearance: Visual & Non-visual
  • Treatment: Untreated, or preservative treated to hazard class H3.1 or H3.2
  • Surface protection: Factory-applied water-based surface sealer

Design & Install Guide

Woodspan PLT have published a design and install guide to aid with the specification, engineering, and design of floors and roofs constructed using the PLT system. This includes but is not limited to information on span capacity and material properties of Woodspan PLT panels, connections and dynamics.

Woodspan PASS™

A PASS™ is a Product Assurance Supplier Statement.

A PASS™ makes a clear, rigorous statement that Woodspan PLT panels comply with all the necessary regulations and legislation. It also summarises Woodspan PLT panels scope of use and any limitations.

Environmental (EPD)

Woodspan PLT manufactured by Taranakipine, and other Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association (WPMA) members have developed an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for NZ Radiata pine.

An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable data and other relevant environmental information about the life-cycle environmental impact of a product. Multiple datasets are included in an EPD: resource consumption of energy, water and renewable resources, and emissions to air, water and soil. This data is aggregated using multiple environmental impacts including contributions to climate change (carbon footprint), air, water and soil pollution and resource depletion.

It is an excellent tool that provides designers with an independent means to make direct product comparisons and make informed specification decisions. Products with EPDs are also awarded two points when used in NZ Greenstar projects. Download the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Radiata pine here.

Woodspan Onsite Product Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when working with Woodspan PLT Panels onsite. Download our Onsite Product Guide here.

NZ Wood Design Guides

The WPMA (Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association) has collaborated with the construction industry to write and release a series of design guides to support the continued uptake of timber products and associated fabrication systems in New Zealand. There are a growing range of topics such as timber fire design, prefabrication, costing timber builders, acoustics and much, much more.

These design guides are very informative and are free to download at


Fire Performance

When fire design is required in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code, building elements such as floors and walls are required to have a specific fire resistance rating (FRR). In order to achieve a fire resistance rating (FRR), three criteria must be met for the specified fire resistance period:

  • Structural Adequacy – the ability of the building element to maintain its load carrying capability.
  • Integrity – no local flames or hot gasses passing through the building element.
  • Insulation – limited temperature rise on the non-exposed surface of the building element.

The fire resistance rating is often expressed as Structural Adequacy/Integrity/Insulation, so that FRR 60/60/60 means 60 minutes fire resistance has been achieved for all three criteria.

Fire resistance ratings on Woodspan  PLT floor panels have been established through independent, full scale loadbearing testing to test method AS 1530.4:2014. For fire span tables and details download our Design & Install Guide.