Woodspan® PLT Panels

Sustainable Mass Timber Solutions

Woodspan® is a proudly New Zealand owned manufacturer and fabricator of PLT (similar to CLT) mass timber panels and glulam engineered wood products for use in building and construction.

Utilising Woodspan® PLT mass timber and CNC offsite processing for your subfloor, midfloor or roof structure results in a structurally efficient panelised system delivered to site for fast, accurate installation.

Part of Taranakipine™ an experienced and trusted manufacturer of engineered timber products including Glulam for over 35 years; the team at Woodspan® are focused on providing sustainable, high quality product solutions to the building industry.

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Why choose Woodspan® PLT?


Prefabrication of Woodspan PLT panels offsite using advanced CNC technology ensures fast and accurate installation, reducing labour costs and keeps material waste and construction noise onsite to a minimum.

NZ Made

Woodspan PLT takes pride in being a New Zealand owned and operated company, manufacturing quality products to New Zealand’s industry standards. Woodspan PLT is committed to continuing to utlise New Zealand’s abundant renewable natural timber resource to create value-added engineered timber products.

Structural Efficiency

Woodspan PLT panels are made from finger jointed or whole timber boards that are then laminated into large panels. As all grain goes in the direction of the primary span a strong, structurally efficient panel is produced. Building with mass timber products like PLT can result in a significantly lighter superstructure than concrete or steel. This can reduce foundation sizes and cost, especially in areas where difficult ground conditions exist, or in high seismic zones.


Woodspan PLT is passionate about delivering a quality mass timber solution on time and to schedule, creating long standing, trusted relationships with our customers.


People love the natural beauty, look, and feeling of warmth that wood products bring to the built environment - so do we! Woodspan PLT Panels are available in a visual grade finish to take full advantage of these benefits.

Health & Wellbeing

There is growing awareness worldwide of the positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people who live or work in timber buildings. Research has shown that the use of wood in interior situations can have wide reaching benefits – reducing levels of stress and anxiety and increasing positive social interaction.


Wood from renewable sources is the only truly sustainable construction material available. Wood acts as a carbon store – a vital tool in helping to combat climate change. Woodspan PLT is manufactured from 100% New Zealand Radiata pine logs from sustainably managed plantation forests.